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Mail in your books by July 10th, 2019

Attending the show? Drop your books off with us at booth #4401

It is our pleasure to announce that Lee Bermejo will have a private signing at SDCC, courtesy of Scott's Collectables UK, and BeachBum Comics will be the official CGC Signature Series Facilitator for this SDCC signing. 

Please contact us at if you'd like to get Lee's signature at this private signing. We request you fill out the online form and email it to us, you will then be invoiced for payment. Books must be received by July 10th to be included in this signing. Please use BeachBum Comics submission form located below:

BeachBum Comics Signature Series Submission Form

Books will be signed at SDCC the week of July 17th, then immediately submitted to CGC for grading.

Attending SDCC? Drop your books off directly to us at booth #4401.


  • Lee Bermejo's combined creator signing fee and our signing fee is $35 per book for CGC submissions, $60 on Batman Damned #1.
  • We will be offering 10 remarks for an additional $60 each, or $120 on Damned #1.
  • If you'd like to sub books under your own account it will be an additional $5 per signature. If you'd like us to fill out the paperwork under your own account it will be an additional $10 per CGC submission form.
  • All CGC grading, invoicing, and shipping fees, as outlined in our Submission FAQ located here

Submission Notes

  • Specific signature color will be honored provided availability of markers - no guarantees
  • Do not ship your own markers
  • Books to be signed should have a link to Lee Bermejo's art or IPs
  • The artist reserves the right to not sign certain books